Attack of the Sioux!

(Many thanks to Luke Funk for guest blogging about today’s events!)

Sundays are a little bit different here at camp.  We sleep in an extra hour and have a fairly laid back morning.  Campers have the opportunity to play street hockey, ultimate frisbee, read, write letters, or just spend time with friends.







We have both ping-pong and chess tournaments underway, and this morning saw multiple games for each.  At noon, Spencer Rose gave a great Words of Wisdom about what it means to him to leave for a few years and then come back, only to realize part of him never left.

The Sunday event was a camp favorite, the Attack of the Sioux!  A fifth camp team, the Sioux, made up of the staff, competes in various activities against the four camp teams.  Examples include Indian Ball, Klepton, Ultimate Frisbee, and Skeeter Ball.  The final period of activities is Scalp with the counselors challenging the seniors and the Assistant Counselors challenging the junior.  The weather couldn’t have been more beautiful and everyone had a great afternoon.

Breakfast was pancakes, lunch was ham and cheesy potatoes, and dinner was a picnic supper on the beach.  After dinner we had koogee time followed by a campfire.  There are so many great musicians on staff that campfires have been a huge hit and are a wonderful way to end the week.


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