B is For Boyhood Adventure

It was another warm sunny day for our first full day of B Session activities. The way our schedule is set up, we have six activity periods Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and six different activities Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Kids can choose whether to go to riding or golf, and whether to go to biking or crafts during those activity periods. The only activity they have every day is Sports and Games because we combine two activity groups to play traditional sports and wacky games that our counselors have made up over the years. Today, Sports and Games played Star Wars on DK Field.

The first two days of activities include orientations and safety rules in each activity, but our counselors get them going into the action as quickly as possible. We also have a camp rules meeting during rest hour on this first full day. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves when I talk about all the action around camp today. You’ll notice the intense focus in the photos, as they get into the games and learn the ropes. But I think it’s easy to see why we call Deerhorn a Boyhood Adventure!

2 thoughts on “B is For Boyhood Adventure

    Sailing and horseback riding how about Deerhorn for Grandparents????? Havecsooooo much fun Colino!

    We start and end our summer with 2 four day Father Son camps. We have lots of grandpas who come along to join in the fun!

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