B Has Begun!

We are always grateful when the weather is this perfect for opening day! It’s warm, sunny, and beautiful. We had 27 kids stay over from A session and they did activities today in temporary groups while kids arrived by car throughout the day. Most of our B Session kids arrived by bus around 2, and then this place was really hopping!

Kids moved into their koogees, met their koogeemates, and then headed down to the beach to take their swim tests. (With much better weather than what started our A session!) We had a meeting to introduce the staff and go over a few rules, then kids were off for some more action. They were divided into juniors, intermediates, and seniors, and played games like kickball, World Cup, and Sprout Ball until it was time for dinner at 6.

After dinner, it will be time for a game of all camp Capture the Flag, where the even koogees take on the odd koogees. We’re off to a great start for B session! Don’t forget all of our pictures from this summer are on our SmugMug site!

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