Brothers and Friends

It’s always so fun to get pictures of brothers who are at Deerhorn together. When I make the announcement, it’s not just brothers who show up, it’s also cousins and friends. At Deerhorn, friends grow as close as brothers and brothers grow even closer than they are at home.

It’s so cool to watch the brother dynamic at Deerhorn. There are so many older brothers who are always there if their younger brother needs them, helping them work through homesickness or frustrations. It’s really magical to watch those older brothers step up and keep an eye on the younger ones.

I spent six years on staff with my brother, so I can speak from experience that nothing grows the sibling bond like time spent at Deerhorn. It’s truly a family bonding experience. All of the brother pictures can be seen on our Facebook and Instagram, as well as on Shutterfly!

It’s hard to believe there are only four days left in this session! Where does time go? It’s another beautiful day at Deerhorn, full of possibility and the promise of tons of fun and adventure!

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