Brothers & Friends as A Session Ends

Whew! This A session just flew by so fast! Here we are on the last night of the session, and it’s been a busy day. This morning was the last three periods of regular activities, so campers worked hard to earn those last few stars. The rest of the day has gone by in a blur! After lunch, kids spent rest hour in their koogees, packing up to either go home or move koogees if they are staying for B. Since we needed to count stars this afternoon, the afternoon was three periods of team competition, with the final one being Braveheart. And then, after dinner, it was time for the counselor show! Kids always look forward to this hilarious show full of skits and jokes that our staff has been working on for “weeks.” You’ll have to ask your camper what their favorite skit was!

We also managed to get brother pictures today. We always make the announcement that brothers should meet outside the lodge to get their photo taken after a meal. But it’s never just actual brothers who come. These are some of our favorite photos to take, as kids show up to get their photo taken with their best Deerhorn buds! Please note, we make the announcement for brother pics, but we don’t track kids down! This is just for fun! We are working on getting them all uploaded to SmugMug and Facebook. (If I told you how slow our internet actually is, you probably wouldn’t believe me!)

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