Busy, busy, busy!

It feels like the session just started, but it has been a whirlwind of a few days. Yesterday afternoon was busy with the big Sunday event, and then we had to get a group of kids ready for the Lake Superior Trip, which left today. There are 23 kids on that trip, and it left this morning heading to Bayfield, WI, and the Apostle Islands.


They made some fun stops today, including Wildwood Zoo in Minocqua. This afternoon, they took the ferry across to Madeline Island for a fun afternoon of swimming. Tonight they will camp out overnight in 10 man tents at a campground in Bayfield. Kids were really excited to go, but it was a busy 24 hours getting it all ready!

Back at camp, activities continue as usual. Our C7 kids are only here for a week, so they are trying to squeeze as much fun as possible into these last two days, before they leave on Wednesday. Sports and Games played Balco Ball on DK Field, which is one of many crazy games invented by our counselors over the years.

The weather was calling for storms this afternoon, but all we got was a brief rainshower, so we’re grateful that most of it missed us. Somewhere amidst the business of these past few days, we squeezed in koogee pictures. They are all posted on our Facebook page, as well as Shutterfly. You might notice that,  #1 some of these koogees must have a ton of kids in them and, #2 Why is my kid in more than one koogee? 😉 Let’s just say that koogee pictures were a little challenging this time because lots of kids kept popping up, wanting to be in multiple photos. I guess they just love each other that much that they want to all be in a photo together!

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