Busy Days

Our internet decided to not work last night, hence no blog for yesterday. We love living in the Northwoods, but it does have its drawbacks, namely a horrible internet provider. But in exchange we get campfires and stars, friends & fun….we’ll take it!

There’s a lot going on at Deerhorn these days. B session is a busy one! Deerhorn hockey started yesterday, so there are 28 kids spending either mornings or afternoons at the rink in town. They are split into two groups by whether or not they’ve played hockey before and they alternate mornings and afternoons so that they aren’t missing the same activities. We have amazing coaches from Chicago, Rock Dudek, Ken Johnson, and DJ LaVarre. They’ve been coaches since the beginning of the hockey program and we are lucky to have them! Hockey camp runs through Friday.

Pioneers spent yesterday morning food packing, then doing tent set up. Voyagers had a meeting  at rest hour as well.  They are all really excited about their upcoming trips. It’s hard to believe the Pioneers leave tomorrow!

Last night was everybody’s favorite night…the night after everyone finds out what teams they are on and we play all camp Scalp! Hands down it’s the favorite camp game…four teams, each person has 2 flags (t-shirts tucked into shorts)… and they are all running around trying to pull the other teams’ flags. If you get one flag pulled, you’re out and the team with the last man standing wins.

Breakfast yesterday was omelets and toast, lunch was turkey subs, and dinner was yummy lasagna with mint chocolate chip ice cream for dessert.

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