We’re always excited when Sunday comes around at Camp Deerhorn. Six days a week we have our regular schedule of activities, but Sundays are a little different. Most of the excitement about Sundays comes from the announcement at Saturday’s dinner that we get to sleep in an extra hour Sunday morning! (Though there are many campers who are still up at dawn to go play basketball…I’m sure there are some of you parents nodding, “Yes, that would be MY son!”) Even though our younger kids tend to still wake up early, our teenagers definitely love the sleep in morning!

After cinnamon toast for breakfast at 9, campers enjoyed some rare free time around camp.  There were lots of tennis matches, frisbee golf games, and hanging out in koogees. Staff organized games of street hockey on the Skeeter and ultimate frisbee on the soccer field. There were 47 kids who showed up to play ultimate frisbee! That might have set a new Sunday morning record.

At noon, Bear did the Words of Wisdom. His talk revolved around the concept of “Carpe Diem” and that you should always take the time to tell those you love how much they mean to you, especially your parents. After the Words of Wisdom, kids stayed in the lodge to find out what team they were on. Lots of excitement there!

Lunch was at 1 and it was ham and cheesy potatoes. Today was also the first letter day of this session, so every camper had to write a letter home and those will go out in the mail tomorrow. Many thanks to those parents who sent pre-addressed envelopes. It makes our job so much easier as we check off all the campers for letter day!

This afternoon was the first team event for B session, and it was the Decathlon. Campers went around to 10 different events, like the high jump and obstacle course, with their activity group. Points are added up for each group in each event and an all-around winner will be named later tonight. We had a little rain come through but it quit in time for the Decathlon.

Dinner for tonight was turkey burgers and picnic on the beach. After dinner, campers gathered with their koogee for koogee time, followed by our first B session campfire. We have so many talented entertainers!

Voyagers and Pioneers have begun having meetings…lots of team building/get to know you games and discussions about leadership. Pioneers will food pack tomorrow morning, pack their backpacks on Tuesday and leave Wednesday after breakfast! They are a great group of guys and are so excited to be headed off on a 6 day hiking adventure. Voyagers won’t leave until C session. For more about these programs, click HERE.

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