The C Session Draft

We woke to beautiful sunshine for our first full day of C session. After muffins for breakfast, kids went back to their koogees to get them clean. When the bell rang, we met in the lodge to find out which activity groups they were in, and then the day could begin!

Kids had three activity periods this morning and three this afternoon. Each activity has their own rules and star requirements to go over, and instructions to keep everyone safe. After those are finished, kids started right in on activities!

After cold cuts for lunch, kids who just arrived for camp yesterday had a meeting during rest hour today to go over general camp rules. The leaders drafted their team late last night in preparation for Sunday’s big team event. Kids were super excited to find out what team they were on! Tonight after dinner was an all-camp game of Civil War. It’s kind of a mix of Capture the Flag and Scalp, and kids really love it. There are lots of Deerhorn games you’ll have to ask your son about when he gets home! For pictures from this session as well as the rest of the summer, head to our Shutterfly site!

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