C Session Has Begun!

The buses arrived at 3:00 this afternoon and C session is in full swing! We’ve had a busy day here at camp before their arrival, with some kids arriving by car and everyone doing activities like kickball, ultimate frisbee, basketball, and sprout ball.

Breakfast this morning was french toast, lunch was shepherd’s pie, and dinner will be the first-night tradition of spaghetti. The weather is cloudy and cool, but at least we haven’t had any rain.

The buses arrived on time, and kids settled into their koogees and took swim tests. We will have a meeting around 4:00 to introduce the staff, and then kids will break into smaller groups for an activity before dinner. After our spaghetti dinner, juniors played floor hockey, intermediates played gasebolf, and seniors played ultimate frisbee.

We heard from the Pioneers this morning, and they are having an awesome time on their backpacking trip! They will return tomorrow afternoon.


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