Campfires and Conclusions

Our first Father Son camp was a wonderful way to kick off the summer of 2018. We are grateful for all of the fantastic families who made Father Son 1 so special. On a personal note, it was pretty great to hang out with some guys who I was on staff with 20 years ago. Their sons are just as awesome as they are. (Apples really don’t fall far from the tree!) That’s one of the best parts of camp, reconnecting with guys you haven’t seen in years, and picking up right where we left off. And then watching those friends make new memories with their sons. It’s pretty special. I am so grateful for these friendships.

We enjoyed french toast and bacon this morning for breakfast, and then a few staff ran some activities while the rest of the staff started our clean sweep. We’ll get the koogees cleaned and ready to go so that camp looks just as amazing for our next group of dads who arrive tomorrow! Thanks to all who joined us for this first session and we hope the rest of your summer is as great as the past four days!

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