D is for Deerhorn Brothers

We did brother pictures after breakfast this morning, and it made us realize how many brothers are here right now enjoying Deerhorn together! Not only are there lots of Deerhorn brothers here, but there are also lots of sets of THREE brothers here together. It’s so great to see! I was on staff at Deerhorn for 6 summers with my own brother, and I know how much closer Deerhorn brings siblings. It’s such a special thing to share. Thanks to all of those parents out there who are sharing ALL of their sons with us for D session! There were also lots of kids who showed up with their friends to get brother pictures taken because they consider themselves Deerhorn brothers. Makes us so happy! All of the brother pictures are posted to SmugMug and on our Facebook page.

Breakfast this morning was waffles and sausage, lunch was grilled cheese and tomato soup, and dinner was chicken enchiladas. Sports and Games played kickball on DK Field tonight. Kids were thrilled with the announcement at dinner that they were once again playing Braveheart as the after dinner activity! It was a beautiful sunny day and kids are working really hard to earn those stars in activities.

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