D Session Koogee Fun

Koogee pictures are some of our favorites to take. Kids love hanging out with their friends in their koogee and it’s fun to get to see personalities come out in photos. Whether serious or silly, the koogee pics are always a highlight. You can also notice the koogees that shop together in the store! 😉

It was a cooler morning today, but warmed quickly into the 70s…a much appreciated break from the heat and humidity of last week. Breakfast this morning was doughnuts and turnovers, and lunch was chicken philly sandwiches. Sports and Games is playing wiffle ball on DK Field. We finally got around to passing loyalty awards out today, so kids were excited about that. Out of 140 kids here, 94 are returning campers and got a loyalty award. It’s been so busy we haven’t been able to do it until today! We can’t believe this session is halfway over already! Time really does fly when you’re having fun!

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