D Session Excitement

It’s finally here! The session that these kids have waited all summer for. The session that filled in 8 minutes and still has a waitlist 40 deep. The session that so many kids choose because it’s the only one that works with their baseball and lacrosse schedules. The session that is louder and more energetic than any other session of the summer.

We only had a handful of kids stay over from C session, and we had 18 kids who arrived by car throughout the day. Which means there were 113 very excited kids who packed the three buses that arrived at camp around 3:00. They came streaming out of the bus, running to the koogee list to find out what koogee they were in.

We unloaded mountains of luggage, kids settled into their koogees and met their roommates, then headed to the beach for swim tests. After we finished swim tests, it was time for a meeting to introduce the staff and go over a few camp rules. After dinner, kids will play some all-camp Capture the Flag. We’re glad these kids are so excited to be here and we know that D session is going to be great! Please note that all photos from this session will be shared on our SmugMug site, it just takes a long time to get them all uploaded.

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