Dog Days of Summer

We hear it’s been a hot week across the United States. We are grateful that here in the Northwoods, we get to escape the worst of it. We had a couple of days that hit 90 and it was definitely hot. But most highs this week have been in the low 80s, with lower humidity that makes for a perfect afternoon. Our dog days look more like this:

Stamkos is the newest addition to the Deerhorn Dog pack, and he’s a Deerhorn natural. At nine months, he’s happy all the time, loves all kids and dogs, and tolerates all the snuggles kids want to give him. It’s obvious that the Deerhorn Dogs are a favorite part of camp for a lot of kids!


C Session is just flying by and we’re not quite sure where time is going. Our E session kids leave tomorrow morning, and they have crammed a lot of fun into just one week.

Our E kids heading home means it’s also time for our Voyagers to arrive home tomorrow afternoon. They have arrived at their final campsite and have had great trip. The trip leaders pulled the kids out of their tents late last night so they all could stand in awe of the Northern Lights. Perfect ending for an amazing trip!  Back at camp, we’re happy to soak in the blue skies, sunshine, fun, and friendships…and dogs, of course!





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