Early Birds

There is no doubt that our Spike Bucks have arrived at camp when it’s 6am and there are already kids running all over the place. The rest of the kids at camp have been here for 2 weeks, and many are older. But Spike Bucks just arrived and there is NO TIME TO WASTE. Half of them joined me this morning before breakfast to watch me fill the drink machine and marvel at the magic of the insides of a vending machine. Then they were off on a “dog hunt” to try to find all of the dogs in camp. (Note, several of the dogs were definitely still sleeping. 😉

These early birds are loving camp, running everywhere because everything is fun and exciting and you need to get there FAST! 😉 We love the energy our Spike Bucks bring to camp.

Our Voyagers are doing well. It rained a lot last night but today there is no rain, all sunshine, and virtually no wind. They have an easy paddle day today and are paddling to a rock garden as a day tour. Back at camp, kids are working on those stars in activities and having fun with their friends. Breakfast this morning was pancakes, lunch was delish BBQ chicken flatbread and caesar salad, and dinner is chicken fajitas. Sports and Games is playing handball on the soccer field today. The sun is shining and life is good!

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