2023 Spike Bucks

Today was a very exciting day at Deerhorn! Every year, while our Voyagers are out of camp for 8 days on their expedition, we host a 1 week session for 7-10 year olds who are coming to camp for the first time. We affectionately call them our Spike Bucks. Today, 18 VERY excited kids arrived for their one week of Deerhorn magic. They literally hit the ground running and more than one parent was left in the dust in the parking lot as the kids dashed off to their first activity period.

They had a great afternoon of activities, and 2/3 of them visited the store this afternoon to already stock up on some Deerhorn gear. At dinner, the Leaders announced the teams they had been drafted to, and after dinner, we tried to get a group shot of all 18 of them. It’s a little like wrangling cats. 😉 We are sorry that we did not manage to get all of them, but just know that if your son isn’t in the picture, it’s because he was too excited to head off to the evening activity to bother to stay for the picture. Though, if I’m being honest, it’s also probably because I announced at dinner a “treasure hunt” that anyone who found a disc golf disc around camp could bring it to the office to get a candy bar, because all of our discs are missing. As I watched kids run from the lodge while we also tried to get a Spike Buck picture, I realized that the two announcements together was very poor planning on my part. (insert shrugging emoji here) We are going to try for another group shot after breakfast tomorrow morning! Don’t forget that all of our photos can be found on our SmugMug site. E session pics are included in the C Session album, and are sorted most recent first.

Our Voyagers checked in today and they are safe and happy, though very wet. Unfortunately, they have had a lot of rain today, and have changed a few campsites to accommodate the weather, allowing for shorter paddles. But they are having a great time despite the weather. Check out a video on our Instagram page. It will also be uploaded to Facebook shortly.

As for the rest of us,  the photos speak for themselves! Fun with friends, awesome activities, and lots of smiles and laughter!

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