Everything is Awesome!

First morning of D session…and there were lots of kids up at 5:45am, playing basketball, tetherball, cleaning their koogees, ready to start the day! These kids are excited and there is no time to waste!



We had french toast for breakfast, kids returned to their koogees to clean up, then they returned to the lodge to find out what activity groups they were in. And then they were off to a morning of three activities! They went through rules and orientations in each activity, but then jumped right into having fun!


We had chicken chili for lunch, and then kids who just arrived for D session had a meeting in the lodge about rules and expectations of camp. Kids enjoyed three more activities this afternoon, and with our sunny skies and warm weather, there were lots of takers for General Swim at 5. Dinner is tacos and the leaders will continue to scout during evening activities to choose their teams tonight!




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