Father Son 2 is Here!

The day dawned bright and beautiful for opening day of our second Father Son camp. Most dads and sons arrived early in the day to get the fun started as soon as possible. We have a ton of dads here who were former Deerhorn campers, and it’s awesome to see them reconnect with old friends and meet new ones and swap Deerhorn stories. And to watch their kids become friends as well is pure magic. We also have a lot of new dads who realized very quickly how much fun can be crammed into one Deerhorn day! The lake is still a bit chilly, but there were lots of trips to the Rave and down the slide, and lots of people out skiing. We think the dads had just as much fun as the kids! After a full day of activities, we’ll have some team sports after dinner followed by a Deerhorn campfire. We have a lot of talented dads, kids, and staff, so we are looking forward to that! All of the photos from this session can be found on our SmugMug site as soon as they finish uploading!








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