Fun in the Koogees

Though today’s temperatures were a little cooler, campers still had a great time in activities. Sports & Games played a game called Star Wars, which is a version of dodgeball with a few variations. (You’ll find there are lots of variations of dodgeball at Camp Deerhorn!)

We managed to get all the koogee photos taken yesterday as well. Kids love hamming it up for the camera, whether it’s big cheesy smiles, or something that looks like this:

Koogee life is definitely many campers’ favorite part of Deerhorn. No electricity, no electronics, just hanging out with your friends, playing games, reading books, or just talking.

Breakfast this morning was sausage and egg croissant sandwiches, lunch was chicken chili, and dinner was beef tips and noodles.  We all enjoyed another great day at Deerhorn!

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