Good Times in the Koogee

We enjoyed another beautiful day at Deerhorn today, including a breeze off the lake that was great for sailing. Breakfast was a fan favorite, pancakes and bacon. Lunch was tacos, which is also always a hit! We managed to get koogee pictures today at rest hour, and those are always fun to see! The rest of them can be seen on our Facebook page or Shutterfly site.

Otherwise, it was another full day of activities around here! Sport and Games played Balco Ball, which is a made up game that has been around for years at Deerhorn. We also heard from our Pathfinders today. Patrick’s text said that all is well and everyone is happy and having a great time…he’s just cursing the guy who planned the route through really hilly terrain. (Hint…it was him. 😉 We are glad to hear things are good with them!

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