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I will be doing most of the posts on this blog, but I definitely don’t want to be the sole voice you hear about why Deerhorn is so great. Many of you out there are great writers, and we receive so many emails from campers, staff, and parents, telling us why they love camp so much. I will be sharing some of those emails on this blog from time to time, but I would also like to invite all of you to be guest bloggers for us if you are interested. Topics can range from your perspective on life at camp, how summers at camp have benefited you or your son, topics that are pertinent to camp parents. If you are  interested in writing a blog post, or if you have questions, you can email We are lucky to have so many incredible people in our life, and we look forward to sharing their stories as well. Our next post will come from Luke Funk, who has spent most of the past 13 years of his life at Camp Deerhorn.

Today’s blog post comes from our friend, Patrick Drake, who has been a camper for five years and wrote a review online about his experience at camp. We wanted to share it with you.

“I thought that I would share with you what I wrote and how much this camp means to me. Thank you for everything you guys have done for me, I wouldn’t be the same without Deerhorn and neither would any other campers.”

“I am a 14 year old camper who has gone to this camp for four years and 2013 will be my fifth. When people ask me what I’m doing this summer I, of course, mention my next five weeks. They then ask what Deerhorn is and I guess I write a lot and people joke about how much I love this camp. This camp is not just a place for boys to go and shoot some bows or play basketball, this is a place where boys become men. I have personally experienced this. My first two years I hated the words of wisdom and campfires. However, my last two years changed me. I started to listen and learn from words of wisdom and it became one of my favorite parts of camp. Then there are the campfires. I realized that it’s not just boys sitting around a fire, it’s a family sitting around a fire enjoying some amazing music with their best friends. The boys at this camp are the most amazing people I’ve ever met. The staff cares so much about every person at the camp. Deerhorn isn’t just a camp, it’s a home away from home.”

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