Happy Father’s Day!

We would like to say thank you to all the moms out there for sharing your husbands with us on Father’s Day. We know how important family is, and that it’s  hard to share the ones you love.  That being said, I have to say we had a pretty awesome Father’s Day around here. The sun shone most of the day, and it was guided fishing day.  Lots of dads went out with our guides today.  No muskies were landed, but everyone had a great time.


But the highlight of the day was definitely dinner.  Once again, David Flom, owner of Chicago Cut, and former Deerhorn camper (and now Deerhorn dad), was generous enough to supply (and cook!) the steaks for dinner tonight.  We all were blown away by how good they are.  Many thanks to David for another incredible Father’s Day dinner!

After dinner, we played several great games of fathers vs. kids vs. staff Scalp, and then ended with another great campfire and S’mores.  We have fantastic entertainers on staff this summer, and they have been a joy to have at campfires. But we also have been so glad to have dads like Polly and The Captain back at Deerhorn campfires.  They  gave us three nights of super fun campfires.

Many thanks go out to all of the dads and sons who joined us this session.  Most of them were alumni and it’s always good to reconnect every summer, while bringing new friends into the Deerhorn family as well.


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