Let the Good Times Roll!

What a beautiful sunny day to start A session! We had 36 kids stay over from our third Father Son camp to A session, many of them for the first time by themselves.  They all went to the Waters of Minocqua yesterday afternoon, a small, indoor waterpark close by.  They had a BLAST and most slept the whole way home!  All these kids staying for the first time and we had no issues with homesickness.  They are Deerhorn pros already!

A1 #2

A1 #3

This morning dawned sunny and warm(ish), and the kids who were here were put into groups by age and did activities like sprout ball, tennis, and volleyball.  After a hot dog lunch, kids had a little free time and then took their swim tests.  Those that arrived by car joined the activity groups, took their swim tests, and had a ball in activities.


The buses arrived around 2:30, and kids took their swim tests, met their koogee mates, and got settled in. At 4:00, we had a meeting to introduce the staff, then kids played fun games like sprout ball and handball before our yummy spaghetti dinner.  After dinner, they will play all-camp Capture the Flag, and then at milkline will gather with their koogee for graham crackers and milk.  There are lots of smiles around camp and lots of young kids who are excited to be at camp for the first time!


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