Hockey and Relays

Our five day ice hockey program started Monday, and kids have been having a blast! They skate for a few hours each morning, and then do regular activities in the afternoon. Our coaches, Rock, DJ, and KJ, have been with our program since its inception, over 20 years, and we love having them back each year.

This morning dawned cloudy and raining, but the rain cleared by breakfast, and though they forecast more rain for this afternoon, the sun has come out from behind the clouds! Breakfast this morning was omelets and toast, and lunch was grilled cheese and tomato soup (a crowd favorite!). ┬áSports and Games is playing soccer on the soccer field, and kids are enjoying settling in to their activity routines. Since we did the 4th of July relays after dinner last night, I thought I’d share some fun from last night in today’s blog post. Relays included the dizzy bat, ping pong carry, gunny sack race, and caterpillar crawl. The dizzy bat is always funny to watch, as kids spin around the bat and then try to run across the baseball field. Lots of smiling faces last night, and the fireworks were incredible!

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