The Last Day

It’s hard to believe the end of A session is here already. Kids spent the morning in regular activities, trying to earn those final requirements for stars. After a lunch of meatball subs, campers spent rest hour packing up and cleaning their koogees. We have 41 kids who are staying for B session, but they packed up as well, because they will move koogees tomorrow. This afternoon was three activity periods of team competition.  The first two periods were games like street hockey, dodgeball, basketball, & ultimate frisbee. The third period was all camp Scalp. The juniors were on the baseball field and the seniors were on the soccer field. It’s everyone’s favorite activity! We had a little rain this afternoon, but luckily it didn’t start until after Scalp was almost over.

Tonight’s dinner was roast beef and potatoes, with chocolate chip cookies for dessert. At meals, some counselors do clearing questions, where they ask a trivia question and whoever gets it right gets to pick the 2 clearers for the table. Kids love the trivia questions. Other times counselors just ask questions that get kids talking and sharing about themselves.  At one of the tables tonight, the question was “If you could go back in time to any period in history, what time period would you choose, and why?” One of the campers answered, “I would go back to World War II, so that I could see Abraham Lincoln free the slaves.” 🙂 Well, he gets an “A” for effort!

Tonight is the event lots of campers look forward to-the counselor show. Our staff always proves themselves hilarious to an audience of campers, with skits, guitar, juggling, and many other talents.

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