Koogee Fun

Last night’s campfire was spectacular once again. We have so many fantastic guitar players, and it’s been fun to watch them grow up at campfires…going from shy 10 year olds who were just learning to play guitar because they admired those older counselors who did, and seeing them now as 19 year old counselors whose voices and talents have only gotten better with age. Last night we had a special treat as we had a visiting guest at the campfire who was a professional story teller. She told a great story about a troll that had kids laughing and listening with rapt attention.

The day dawned bright and beautiful, with lots of wind off the lake that kept away the mosquitoes and luckily did not blow any storms our way. It’s hard to believe that today was our last regular day of activities, as tomorrow is a little different. Kids were making that final push to get stars or finish craft projects before they went home. Sports & Games played a crazy game called “Gasebolf,” which is basically teeing off with a golf club and a tennis ball at homeplate, then running the bases as in baseball. Kids tend to like the made up games even more than the traditional sports of baseball and soccer. Breakfast was omelets, lunch was chili, and dinner was chicken tenders.

On our Facebook page and Shutterfly site today, you’ll see a lot of koogee pictures from today at rest hour. We are hoping to get the rest taken tomorrow. Boys aren’t always super cooperative when it comes to getting everyone in the picture!   Many kids report that being a part of a koogee is their favorite part of camp. They love the activities and the counselors, and the dogs, but their favorite thing to do is just hang out in their koogee with their friends. Sunday night’s koogee time is another chance to get to know all the kids in your koogee. Groups played games, went sailing, went to the Rave, and many other activities. Kids like hanging out together at rest hour and during general swim, playing games and just talking. Our counselors are really great when bedtime comes as well, because many of them read stories to the kids, or play guitar to help them go to sleep.

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