Our Leaders

This morning was the last three periods of activities, and sports & games played world cup soccer on the soccer field. Breakfast was eggs & toast, lunch was pizza bagels(!), and dinner was barbecue chicken. This afternoon was three periods of team competition, with the last period being scalp. Kids love that last afternoon. The scalp game is always fun to watch and packed with excitement. Daniel Toal won the final game for his Apache, and the hugs that followed were so sweet to watch.


If ever you question how we do what we do…how we run a boys’ camp and put up with boys and all their antics & smelliness…you need look no further than our leaders. Our four incredible leaders who we are lucky enough to call friends. Daniel Toal.  Pato Montemayor.  Zach Mandel.  Charlie Beauregard.

These boys have decades of years at camp between them and we have come to know them well and hold them dear to our heart. They are kind, they are loyal, and they are quite simply just fun to be around.

We took them out to dinner earlier this week to celebrate an awesome summer, and our kids, ages 5 & 7, went along as well.  Watching them with our kids reminded me again and again why we picked these four. We got back to camp and it was pouring down rain, and we sat in the suburban, the 8 of us, just laughing, talking, and playing silly games.  These 16 year olds, they are rock stars. Kids adore them and so do we. And tonight we will listen to them reflect on their camper years.  Tonight is the water campfire, where these four boys tell their story and describe what camp means to them. Some might see it as a goodbye to their camper years. But at Deerhorn, it’s never a goodbye…it’s always a “Until we meet again.” These boys will return as assistant counselors, and counselors, and they will deepen the bonds they have created over the last few years. They will return to be shining stars on staff, continuing to be role models to those around them, and giving back to Deerhorn what Deerhorn has given them.

Simply put, we love these young men. We love how they embody the Deerhorn Spirit and how they live the Creed every day.  To Daniel, Pato, Zach, & Charlie- We will miss you as campers, but we will welcome you back as staff members with arms wide open.  The Deerhorn Family is so proud of you and loves you so much.

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