Leading His Team

Many thanks to Andrea Macina, for sending in an incredible story about her son, Joey, and how he is Living the Creed in his daily life. We love hearing stories like this, and are proud to call Joey Macina a Deerhorn camper. If you have a story about how your son Lives the Creed, please email it to amy@deerhorn.com.

“First of all, Tom and I love the words of the Camp Deerhorn Creed. Just last week he printed it out for both Joey and Tommy to hang in their bedrooms. I reference it often as I share with others that although Camp Deerhorn is not a Christian / Catholic based camp its creed is in alignment with our values and morals.

I see Joey “living out” many parts of the creed. One specific quote “To play every game on the level, win modestly, lose gracefully, and have a kind word for the opposing side” stands out given  his life has been consumed with hockey the past few months. Therefore,  my example comes right from the rink.

Joey’s team this winter worked hard, played hard, and built strong life-lasting friendships. Although their record did not reflect their efforts, Joey’s spirits remained high in the locker room and on the ice. He was voted Assistant Captain by his teammates and wore his letter with pride and took his role seriously . Whether fist bumping the goalie in support of blocked shots or showing all will be ok after a goal was let in, or assisting an injured teammate to the bench, or providing words of encouragement when needed, he was there for his team. After some losses he might say, “That was tough but you know we really played well as a team” and then would share examples.

His coach recently shared these words…Joey plays twice his size, his passion and work ethic is amazing, and he is a silent leader that all look up to. He ended with, “What a great kid, I worship the ground he walks on.”

Tom and I look at a “losing season” as one with such teachable moments and Joey has risen to the occasion. He embraces all the positives and lets that guide him, not whether the game resulted in a win or loss.”


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