Lessons Learned

We are in high gear preparing for the summer of 2017. But before we begin, it’s fun to look back and hear what campers had to say about the summer of 2016. Here are some of their comments from surveys we passed out last summer at camp, what they had learned and their favorite parts of camp.

The past ten days have made my summer so much better. ~I learned how to shoot a gun properly.~I really loved the activities and made new friends.~This camp made my first sleepaway camp an amazing experience.~The Outdoors is fun.~I learned you can make friends anywhere.~This is the best camp I’ve ever been to.

It was a great experience. I made many new friends and the counselors were very nice.~I had the time of my life here.~I learned how to shoot a rifle, sail a boat, and kneeboard.~I learned you should help people out.~I love this place.~The Great Outdoors is a wonderful gift.~I learned how to act as a role model.~I learned to not let fear control my actions.~These are some of the nicest people in the world.~I want to be a Leader when I grow up.~This camp is like vacation!

It is very fun and there is a lot more to do than at home.~The dogs are fun and the food is good.~It is the highlight of my year!~You can make a lot of friends if you try.~I learned you should always lend a hand.~Don’t judge a book by its cover.~I learned how to solo a sailboat!~You should always be kind.~I got to see my old friends and make new ones!~I met really nice people.

Some things that you think you don’t like, you should try it.~I learned how to be kind and be a better person.~No matter what happens, CDH will always hold a very special place in my heart, and will remain a major part of who I am.~It is my favorite place in the world.~Your actions affect others and small acts of kindness can be powerful.~I will bring my brothers so they can have as much fun as I had!~You can climb to great heights by taking a simple step.~My favorite part was the mud pit in riding.~I loved being in the Apostles away from civilization.~Time as a camper is limited and you must take advantage of that time.

The best thing that happened to me at camp was losing. Every time I lost, I tried again and eventually won.~It is good to expand your perspective.~#deerhornislife~You should always try new things.~I am not ready to leave.~Being patient is important.~I learned how to be a better leader.~I learned how to see a disagreement from another person’s point of view.~The best part was being put in a koogee with Dick Kinney.~I made so many new friends!~No better place to be…no one better to be with…~This camp is amazing.~Team competitions are fun, but getting points isn’t everything.

I love being here. They are doing everything right.~I learned to be a good person to everyone I meet.~Some of my best friends are 6 years younger than I am.~Friendship is the most important thing in the world.~Deerhorn is perfect.~Little kids are just as fun as big kids.~It is my home away from home.~If I had a choice, I would never stop coming.~Camp is one of the best things that ever happened to me.~The Broadbridges fill my heart with so much love and joy I’m basically addicted to it.~It’s fun to be away from my phone.~Manliness requires kindness.~You can improve at anything if you try.

There are many ways to be a leader.~You should always be kind and have fun.~I love the people, activities, and freedom that exists at Deerhorn.~Leadership requires listening.~I learned how to slalom.~Don’t change a thing.~I love just being with my boys.~I am very grateful because this camp has changed me as a person.

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