We Love Hockey!

Kids have been having a blast this week playing Deerhorn hockey. But the highlight of the week for most kids is the staff hockey game tonight. Sure, it’s a fast paced, awesome, fun game of hockey to watch. But let’s get real…these kids are in it for the concession stand. Each camper got $3 out of their store account for the concessions, and that, to many, is the best part of the game. We divide the staff who want to play hockey into two teams, trying to balance out the ones who are practically pros, and the ones who just want to skate to have fun. It’s a super fun night at the Rhinelander Ice Arena, complete with coaches (the 4 leaders), and announcers (several of our Voyagers), and games and contests to go along with the hockey action.

At camp today, we all enjoyed a day of sunshine and cool breezes, and though the day started out at a chilly 45 degrees, it quickly warmed into the 70’s. Breakfast was french toast sticks, lunch was sloppy joes, and dinner was pork. Sports & Games played ultimate frisbee on the soccer field. Half of our group of Voyagers went out in kayaks this afternoon to learn important skills they will use when they kayak the Apostle Islands in a few weeks.

Today was also the second letter day for this session, and those letters will go out in the mail tomorrow. It’s quite humorous, checking off each letter to make sure each camper turned one in. Some have no stamps, some have no envelope…and some are neatly sealed in an envelope upon which nothing is written, front or back. I had two of those tonight. And some didn’t turn in a letter at all. ┬áSo tomorrow I will gather those boys at breakfast who were missing letters and I will make sure each of them writes a letter home. #sowhatdoyoudoasacampdirector?

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