Our Pioneers left this morning. They are all excited to be hiking 45 miles of the North Country Trail. It is “America’s longest National Scenic Trail, stretching 4,600 miles from New York to North Dakota, linking 7 states, 10 national forests, and more than 150 public lands.” – They are hiking about 45 miles of it from today through Monday, and we are all excited to hear their stories when they return. They will also have lessons in the backcountry about Leave No Trace wilderness ethics, backcountry cooking skills, and do many team building exercises. They are hiking east to west, a section in Michigan from US 45 to M64. For a detailed map of their route, click HERE. They will, for the most part, camp in tents, although there are shelters along the way with bunk beds that, if available, may provide a welcome break from sleeping on the ground. Spirits were high as they departed today after breakfast.

Meanwhile, “back at the ranch”, activities continue with a welcome dose of sunshine. Breakfast was eggs and toast, and Sports and Games is playing “Klepton” on the soccer field. When your camper arrives home, ask him to tell you about it. It is one of our campers’ favorite games, involving a back story about “reuniting ions” and “intergalactic warfare.” I am definitely not the person to try to explain it. I’m sure your camper can do a much better job. Regardless, everyone has a blast playing. In fact, every time Sports & Games gets up after breakfast to make the announcement about what they will be playing that day, there are at least a handful of kids who clap their hands together above their head, the sign for Klepton…every day they are hopeful that today is the day they will get to play. And today it was. Hockey continues today as well, with lots of kids ready to get back on the ice.

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