No Matter the Weather

So we all thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful sunshine of yesterday, but unfortunately it was short lived. We woke to rain today, and heavy clouds. However, the rain didn’t last long, and though it was cloudy the rest of the day, most of the rain steered clear and activities continued relatively uninterrupted. Sports & Games played sprout ball for awhile, but did take some of their activities into the lodge with board games and a rafter ball tournament. People also enjoyed sitting by the fire in the lodge.  But no one let the cloudy weather stop the action.  There were lots of skiers out on the lake, plenty of trips out to the Rave, and even a few trips down the waterslide. On rainy days, however, most dads and sons can be found in and out of archery, riflery, and crafts.


Riflery was definitely a busy place all day, with lots of kids excited to have improved on their scores even from morning until afternoon. That’s what we like to see at Deerhorn!  Breakfast was french toast and lunch was chili. Some dads took advantage of the rainier weather to head into town to see a movie, or head to the Birchwood for lunch or dinner.  The after dinner activity was fathers vs sons Capture the Flag, followed by another amazing campfire. We are always so lucky to have great entertainers on staff, but this session we also have a lot of talented dads as well. And tonight, Remy did a great rendition of Free Fallin’, as back up to the amazing James Rivard on the guitar. At age 10, we are super proud of him for having the courage to get up and play at a campfire. He did wonderfully! What a treat father son campfires are!

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