Our Boys are Back!

We were sad to say goodbye to our E session boys as they headed home this morning…but we were SO excited to welcome the Voyagers back to camp!

When the announcement is made that the Voyagers are back, we all come running! It’s so awesome to watch the homecoming, the hugs, the shouts of joy. We’ve missed these boys and we are glad they are back! They had an incredible trip and we have no doubt they are full of stories to tell about their time in the Apostles. Those of us who have led or gone on the trip in the past can’t help but be a little jealous of their time up there. The Apostle Islands are a little slice of heaven.

Their first stop was the showers before they were allowed in the dining room for dinner! Breakfast this morning was french toast, lunch was cold cut sandwiches, and dinner was chicken tenders. The sun shone with another  incredibly beautiful day at Deerhorn, and we welcomed the Voyagers back with a game of all-camp Scalp after dinner!

As we said goodbye to 11 boys who just spent their first week at Deerhorn, and said hello to 15 boys who have spent half their life at camp, we can’t help but be a little nostalgic. We knew these Voyagers when they were nervous first-year campers, and now some of them are spending their entire summer at Deerhorn. We hope our Spike Bucks will return to Deerhorn for years to come, and someday they will be Voyagers too!

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