The Brothers

I made the announcement today at lunch, “If you are here with your brother, please meet me out in front of the lodge to get photos.” Some show up, some have to be tracked down, some are out of camp on the Voyager trip. Some are brothers, some are cousins, and some say things like, “Little kids think we are brothers, so we want our picture taken together,” or “He’s my Deerhorn brother.” I am always happy to indulge the camera hams that even boys become sometimes.

Sharing Deerhorn with your brother is a pretty special thing. I know that my brother and I became so much closer in our five years on staff together. But it’s just as awesome to watch the friendships form at camp that transcend age and distance apart. Friends pick up right where they left off each summer, and 8 year olds talk about their “best friend” who is a Voyager. Friendship knows no age boundaries at Deerhorn, and we think that’s pretty awesome.

Despite some rain yesterday, it looks like our forecast for the next week is pretty good. Today was a beautiful sunny day. Days at camp are busy enough with activities, but we also have kids like Eli and Ryder who are organizing chess tournaments and ping pong tournaments. We love watching kids take that initiative, and we love that both tournaments have no age limit, so you have 11 year olds beating staff members in their chess matches.

Life is good. Breakfast was doughnuts, lunch was sloppy joes, and dinner is lasagna. Sports and Games played Quidditch today on the soccer field, which doesn’t involve flying broomsticks, but does involve a Golden Snitch running through the woods being chased by campers. Today was our last day for our Spike Bucks, who will go home tomorrow. Our Voyagers paddled from Stockton Island to Oak Island for their last night in the Apostles. We will be glad to see them tomorrow, and I know that parents will be glad to know they are safely back at Deerhorn!

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    Charlie, John and Miguel have been called ‘triplets’ ‘the three amigos’ and ‘lewis, lewis and clark’. Thanks Deerhorn for making it great for them.

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