Our Boys are Home!

Other than a brief rain shower this afternoon, today was another beautiful day for activities. After pancakes and sausage for breakfast, half of the kids who were here for B session headed to the big waterpark in Wausau for the day. Back at camp, everyone else had the first six activities of the session. Kids have six activities on MWF, and the other six on TThS. The only activity they have every day is Sports and Games, where we combine two activity groups to do fun team sports and crazy games.

After chicken gyros for lunch, kids who just arrived for this session had a meeting during rest hour in the lodge to go over rules and expectations for camp. Sports and Games played World Cup Soccer on the soccer field. After three more activity periods in the afternoon, and beautiful sunshine for general swim, it was already time for dinner! (yummy chicken alfredo and homemade bread)

After dinner, kids participated in various team sports, as the leaders continue to scout in preparation for drafting teams tomorrow. Kids are always excited for that announcement! But the best news of all is that our Pioneers returned from their 7 day backpack trip along Lake Superior! They arrived back to camp a little late, during dinner, and kids went running from the lodge to go hug their friends and welcome them home. They are smelly and dirty, but full of smiles and great stories! We are glad to have them home.

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