Ping Pong & Pizza Bagels

Tonight at dinner I heard from more than one camper, “This is the best day of meals ever!” We had doughnuts for breakfast, pizza bagels for lunch, and tortellini for dinner (with rice krispy treats for dessert). You can always tell when it’s pizza bagels for lunch, because the dining room is SO quiet!



It poured most of the night last night, so there were lots of puddles today.  That’s the kind of rain we like around here, so it doesn’t interrupt activities!  We woke to cloudy skies but it didn’t take long for the sun to come out and the rest of the day.  It was so windy today too! It made for great sailing on the Hobie!



Sports & Games played handball on the soccer field, which kids really seemed to love.







Days are busy around here. Pioneers are working on their camp community service project of cleaning up the OEC (Outdoor Education Center).  Voyagers continue to have meetings most rest hours. The Zombie Apocalypse goes on every day at General Swim. We’ve been trying to get koogee pictures at rest hour, but with all the tournaments going on, it’s hard to find koogees with all of their members present! The tennis tournament has matches going, Cooper Pierce is running a chess tournament, and Inigo Banos is running a ping pong tournament. So many things going on!


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