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It was another great day of meals at Deerhorn, with pancakes for breakfast, Italian subs for lunch (another crowd favorite), and chicken and biscuits for dinner (with chocolate cupcakes for dessert).  The weather couldn’t have been better either, although skiing would have liked a little less wind!


We finally managed to get all of the koogee pictures taken!  Those are always so fun to take, because kids love getting to hang out with their friends in their koogee and that really shows in pictures.  They start out like this…


And end up like this…


And sometimes, when the winds blow too hard to take the youngest kids out in sailboats…sometimes the shenanigans begin.  When that youngest group decides they should see how many life jackets they can fit on their body…and then sumo wrestles each other on the beach before running into the water to bob around like giant floating basketballs.



And then the counselors chase those campers into the water and proceed to send them flying through the air into the water…and the wind blows off the lake, the sun shines, and their screams of delight and squeals of glee echo in the summer air. And watching all of this, you realize that Deerhorn is truly a boys’ paradise, where boys can play and just be boys and look up to counselors who are kids at heart themselves. This joy…this is the gift you have given your son this summer.

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    I look forward each morning at about 9:02 to read the fun and excitement that occurred in camp the day before.

    It brings back a lot of pleasant memories when I was a counselor. I was at Deerhorn about ten different times; once for a full season as a counsel and the other times for 7-10 days . . . always great fun.

    I am performing Open MIc Nights at some of the comedy clubs in Metro Detroit.

    Last night I did a magic trick with comedy, of course, and it seemed to be well received.

    On the 30 minute drive I home I started reminiscing about Deerhorn and the fun times I had there.

    I hope to make it there next year. Please say hello to Patrick, Blaine, and Donnie and, of course, you, Barb, and Sue . . . although I have not met you gals yet I can see all six hands working in harmony at Deerhorn . . . Grandpa Grandma, Don and Skeeter would be very proud.

    I loved Don and Skeeter . . . they worked well together running the camp and raising three boys.

    If you send me an email address I will send you some puzzles I wrote and hope to sell to a national concern.

    If you like the puzzles, you can reprint them and give them to the campers as a rainy day activity or an evening’s team competition at night.

    Thanks and keep up the writing and pictures. If I look forward to seeing them, I can image how the parents feel.

    Thanks and take care.

    Don “Baloney” Bosco
    That was Don’s favorite joke.

    Hi Don! So great to hear from you. I have passed along your message to the others. Anything you want to email, you can send to Thanks for being in touch and we look forward to a visit next summer!

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