A Profound Experience

Today’s blog comes from a letter we received from a camp father several years ago. He brought his whole family to camp back when we had Family Camp and  was overwhelmed by the kindness he found at Deerhorn.

“It can be done.

It is out there.

I don’t know where to start this thank you note because my thoughts and emotions are dizzying. I’m simply flooded with them trying to piece together why I so immensely enjoyed my experience at Camp Deerhorn Family Camp.

As I zero in on why Deerhorn was such a profound experience, I can point to a number of reasons.

First and foremost, my children were invested in. They grew. They learned. They built confidence and friendships. They laughed and were filled with joy and memories. They saw their parents play games like kickball & ping pong, and sing songs with others. They witnessed real people acting out the very creed I read on the internet when I was pondering this family vacation. For example, the staff person who asked my son if he would be interested in playing their dodgeball game. This sort of ‘inclusive’ behavior…a simple invitation led to a 2 hour game that my son will never forget. Nor will I.


The ‘reasons’ move to the enjoyment I personally had.  The true, heartfelt belly laughter I had with my wife, my kids, and the other kind souls at camp. The love. The new friendships. The exercise. The excitement. The healthy eating. The tennis lesson from Luke. Basically, experiencing ‘true’ camp life for the first time. For some reason…the experience moved me a great deal. I don’t know what it tapped into-but it was something deeply needed and at the right time. These things brought me to tears. I’m embarrassed admitting that- but yet I can’t deny it.

But what brought out the deepest emotions of my experience was the knowledge that a place like this exists. This was and is more important to me than the personal enjoyment my own family had. Knowing all too well your family could sell 100 acres and take it easy but choose not to, is more than amazing. You elect to continue to invest in humanity because it’s what makes you feel alive inside…and I just adore that. It reveals to me the beauty in your hearts and the brain in your heads.


The Broadbridges invest with such energy, health, style, quality, open mindedness, generosity, kindness, grace, truth and more. To know young kids and adults are being filled up with sportsmanship, morals, fair play, positiveness, modesty, nature, happiness, and then some-just leaves me feeling renewed/warmed in the middle of my heart. Camp Deerhorn is touching these kids’ lives who then go out into the world and touch more lives.  Knowing there is such a place is what filled me the most.  It overwhelms me actually.

Maybe I am simply at the end of my rope lately with certain aspects of the corporate world…and certain individuals that don’t seem to be kind or fair or even gentlemanly. Knowing a place like this exists restores my faith in humanity…and, it confirms to me that my instincts are correct.

Yes, it can be done.

It does exist.

And, I was a part of it and forever it will be a part of me.”

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