Summer of 2014, Let the Games Begin!

Our summer got off to an excellent start today, with all of the fathers and sons arriving for our first session. We have lots of great returning dads, but also these amazing new friends we are so excited to greet. Lots of young kids in the mix too, which always bodes well for the future of Deerhorn! Breakfast was muffins, lunch was pulled pork, and dinner was spaghetti. There were lots of *long* games of sprout ball, as well as World Cup soccer on the soccer field, and street hockey on the Skeeter. Our two British counselors, Adam and Sam, will tell you that their day was crazy busy up in riflery. We’re pretty sure that there are kids who opened their car doors and headed straight for riflery before they had even moved in! After dinner, we had a meeting in the lodge to introduce the staff, and evening activities included soccer, volleyball, kickball, and street hockey. Our first campfire of the summer kicked off in the lodge because of the threat of rain and the chillier temperatures. However, even though it was cloudy and cool all day, the rain held off and activities went uninterrupted. There were even several brave sons (and coerced fathers) who headed out to the Rave for the first bounce of the summer!

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