Summer’s End

Well folks, we’ve reached the end of the summer of 2014. The docks are out, the lodge is full of sailboats and kayaks, and the koogees are cleaned out for winter.  We thoroughly enjoyed our last Father Son camp session, with a great group of dads and sons. Remy spent hours creating a huge Jenga game, and he and Nick battled it out yesterday down on the beach, drawing a large crowd.


Today’s awards breakfast was a great one, with fantastic entertainment from Parker Nixon & Jesse Webb.  Paul Berghoff & Gerald Saltarelli gave wonderful talks about what camp means to them.  Riflery awards went to Wes Baker for juniors, James Keller for intermediates, Bryan Bennett for seniors, and Knight Charlton for the dads.  Patrick & Ryder Broadbridge won the ping pong tournament.

Thank you so much to everyone who shared the summer of 2014 with us. From the dads, to the campers, to our incredible staff, it was a summer to remember.  We hope to see you all next summer.  This blog will continue during the winter, but definitely not every day! 🙂 This blogger is taking a little time off, but I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with more Deerhorn news.

Take care and have a great fall!

4 thoughts on “Summer’s End

    Amy, your blog has been amazing! I have laughed and cried and everything in between. You are truly talented and totally capture the beauty, the goofiness, and all the special moments that make Deerhorn such an amazing place. Thank you for taking the time every day to connect with the parents at home and to create a snapshot of the wonderful things happening there. I admire your insight and perspective! This blog has been a gift. Best wishes for a great “off season”, and many thanks to all the Broadbridges for this magical summer!

    Margaret, thank you so much for your kind words. I love writing the blog, and being able to share camp life with parents. So many things happen on a daily basis that I wish parents could see, but then, that’s also what makes camp special, in that these boys are becoming independent more self-reliant. I am so glad you have enjoyed it. It is us, however, who should be thanking YOU, for sharing Patrick with us. We all think the world of him, and he has earned the respect of the staff as well as his peers. He is also absolutely hilarious! Give him our best and have a great fall!

    A sincere thanks to Camp Deerhorn, the Broadbridges, and all of the Deerhorn staff for an amazing experience. Finn and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at our first Father/Son. According to Finn, it won’t be our last.

    Many thanks also to Greg and Cole Smith for inviting us into the Deerhorn family, and for their encouragement along the way. The campfire audience was very forgiving of my stumbles, which made it so much more fun and relaxing.

    Finn has quite the story to tell when he returns to school, and he misses Rooster already.

    Thank you all again for all you do for our boys…


    Chuck, we loved having you and Finn with us so much at Father Son camp. We are so glad to hear you want to return next year. You can tell Finn, Rooster misses him too…and all the other campers. He is so depressed right now that camp is over!

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