The Bonds of Brotherhood

We love taking “brother” photos. Inevitably, when you ask brothers to meet us outside the lodge for photos, there are lots of kids who come out who want their photo taken with their “Deerhorn Brother.” I know from experience that the Deerhorn experience strengthens those bonds of brotherhood with those who are already family. I will forever be grateful to Deerhorn for making my brother into my best friend when we worked together on staff for six summers.

But the bond extends to friendships as well. We love watching friendships at Deerhorn grow over the years. And we also love that age doesn’t matter when it comes to friendships being formed. You’ll find 10 year olds talking about Voyagers being their best friend, and staff members talking about how cool that 9 year old camper is. Amazing to watch the age differences melt away.

It was another gloriously warm, breezy day. Sports and Games played Balco Ball on DK Field, and with the Lake Superior trip back, activities were back into the regular routine.

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