The Fun of a Koogee

We managed to get a few fun groups of photos over the past few days. We announce at one of the meals that we are taking brother pictures and that anyone who wants their photo taken with their brother, cousin, or friend, can come. If you didn’t see your sons in those photos, it means they didn’t show up to have their photo taken. It’s always fun to see the friends show up who want their photo taken together.

We also managed to get koogee photos taken as well. Sometimes it takes a couple of days to make sure we have everyone in each koogee. Hopefully that happened this time! Kids love being in a koogee. For many kids, it’s their favorite part of camp. Laughter shared and stories told at night while falling asleep. Rest hour spent hanging out talking with your friends. Games are invented and friendships deepened.

The weather today has been glorious…quintessential Wisconsin summer weather. The sun is shining, the humidity is low, and the temperature is a perfect 75. It doesn’t get any better. Breakfast this morning was pancakes and bacon. Lunch was chicken patties and potato wedges, and dinner is beef stroganoff and buttered noodles. Definitely all crowd favorites.

Today was the last full day of activities for the entire summer. There will be morning activities tomorrow, but a different schedule in the afternoon. Tonight is the much-anticipated counselor show. Usually it’s on the last night of camp, but tomorrow night is reserved for our Water Campfire, our end of summer ceremony honoring the Leaders. It’s going to be a whirlwind couple of days!

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