The Last Scalp

It’s hard to believe the last day of C session has arrived. We enjoyed bagels for breakfast, chili for lunch, and chicken tenders for dinner (with dirt cups for dessert!!).


We woke to sunshine, but by mid-morning the skies had darkened and it started pouring just before lunch.  Luckily, we were still able to have those last three activity periods.



We were a little worried that our fun afternoon team comp would have to be cancelled, but by the end of rest hour, the rain had stopped, the skies had cleared, and everything resumed as usual!



The afternoon was three periods of team comp, with the third one being Scalp. It would take thunder and lightning to stop the Voyagers from playing their last game of Scalp. It is always bittersweet, and a little sad for them to play that Scalp game one final time for the summer. We are glad that the weather cleared so that they didn’t have to miss out. After dinner is the counselor show, which all the campers look forward to…we have some hilarious guys on staff!  So I’ll leave you tonight with a few pictures from Scalp this afternoon and also a quote from one of the campers at our table… After mail was passed out tonight, he said, “I’m still waiting for proof that my parents that they are still alive. I haven’t received a letter yet and I’m beginning to wonder.”  We couldn’t stop laughing.





p.s. Tons of pictures from today will be uploaded tonight. The internet has been finicky today.

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