The Gift

It was a warm, muggy day at Deerhorn today, making water activities very popular! We are ready for this humidity to pass and for slightly cooler weather! For breakfast, you might have thought we were having corn dogs, but they were pancake wrapped sausages on a stick…much more popular with kids than with the grown-ups! 😉 Lunch was Italian subs, which is a huge crowd favorite, and dinner was ham and cheesy potatoes. It was a great day of activities, as kids worked on stars, or just had a blast playing in the water on this hot day!


We’ve been taking koogee pictures the past couple of days. Sometimes it takes a little while to get them all finished, making sure every camper is in the picture! They are always fun to take, though, because you can see personalities emerge and it’s pretty easy to see how koogee life is, for many campers, their favorite part of Deerhorn. They usually start out like this…


…and end up like this…


This session, almost half of our kids are first year campers. And many of those first year campers have first-time parents, who have never sent a child to camp before…so if you are sitting at home, worrying about how he is doing in his first summer at camp, you are not alone. The first year at camp is almost always harder on you than it is on him. As a parent, I understand, and I can tell you that these boys are having an amazing time.  There have been a few small rounds of homesickness, but very few, and they have been conquered easily by warm weather, candy bars, Scalp, and pizza bagels.

It is hard to let your child go, and I just hope you can see in the pictures what a gift you have given him by letting him come to camp. The gift of pure boy adventure, friendship, and joy.



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