True Love

True love is a dad standing in the cold rain while his son makes endless trips down the waterslide.  True love is a dad who spends hours in the craft shop, when he’d rather be skiing (or sleeping). True love is dads who brave 55 degree temperatures and a stiff breeze off the lake to take their sons out to the Rave.  True love is a dad who pulls a hamstring but doesn’t let that stop him from enjoying camp with his sons.


One of our favorite things about Father Son camp is that we get to witness true love on a daily basis. It’s so great to see dads taking time out of their busy schedules to really spend quality time with their boys.  And it gives our staff a beautiful example of how our campers should be treated.  We know dads are busy…and we hope they know how grateful we are that they are able to take these few days to really savor those fleeting moments of childhood.


It rained for a good part of today, but it honestly didn’t slow anyone down. We definitely had board games and rafter ball going in the lodge this afternoon, but most people chose to stay outside. The craft shop was a very busy place, but the rain let up later in the afternoon so that we could play Capture the Flag after dinner and have another amazing campfire at the campfire ring.

Breakfast this morning was pancakes, lunch was the ultimate camp lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup (perfect on a rainy day!), and dinner was delicious chicken fajitas.  It was a busy day of exciting activities and new friendships formed!

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