What do you get when you cross a watermelon with crisco & add 30 boys in the lake? Watermelon polo and a whole lot of wackiness. When you wake up at camp, you never know what that day is going to bring. Sports & Games got hot up on the baseball field this morning, so this afternoon they took it to the waterfront. When it’s 85 and sunny, there’s no place you’d rather be.  Basketball joined Sports & Games each period this afternoon for a game of watermelon polo. It involves 2 teams inside the A-Dock, trying to get a greased watermelon under the opposing side’s dock. It’s crazy and chaotic, but well-lifeguarded by our staff. And kids LOVE it. Usually it’s one big pig pile, so you can’t even tell where the watermelon is under the water…which some kids use to their advantage and somehow sneak it off unnoticed. Those boys had so much fun this afternoon. And Rooster was thrilled because he adores all fruits and vegetables, so he was happy to help with the clean up. 🙂 Lots more pictures from today’s wackiness can be found HERE.



Today was also Skatie’s 1st birthday, so Don & Susan had a puppy party for her down at the beach. Dog treats and birthday hats…and lots of attempts to get all dogs in one picture. Unsuccessful, but they tolerated the hats for much longer than expected.


There is seriously just plain fun happening here every day. Every. Day. Kids riding pool noodles with animal shaped heads…The smiles and laughter and yells from watermelon polo, along with golf, who came down to the beach to practice putting down the waterslide…the waterfront was a bustling place this afternoon.  So many cool things happening here. Charlie Stelnicki has organized a chess tournament, which so many kids are participating in.  Voyagers spent the morning cleaning up from their trip. The leaders and their teams are busily preparing for the Monkey Relays tomorrow, which is the biggest Sunday event of the summer. You’ll see kids carrying ping pong balls on spoons all over camp to practice. Tomorrow is the Monkeys AND it was pizza bagels for lunch. Seriously, does it get any better?

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