What Rain?

Our first day of Father Son 4 was chock full of smiles, laughter, trips down the slide, rifle shooting, horseback rides, and launches off the Rave…even in the pouring rain! It didn’t rain all day, but we definitely had pockets of an hour or so with some decent rainfall.

The rain held off until mid-afternoon, and even then there were hearty souls skiing and playing on the Rave. When the worst of the rain hit, the craft shop was hopping, and the rifle range stayed busy with kids excited to make projects and shoot guns for the first time.

Breakfast this morning was muffins, lunch was chili, and dinner was pasta with chicken alfredo or meat sauce. We had a meeting after dinner to introduce the staff and then dads and sons played some team games like volleyball or floor hockey.

We finished off our day with another great Deerhorn campfire. We are thrilled to have so many new families joining the Deerhorn Family this week, and also excited to have so many young kids getting to experience Deerhorn for the first time. We counted 23 kids here who are 6, 7, or 8 years old…that is awesome! SO much energy and excitement, and many trips down the slide!

Photos from today can be found on our Shutterfly site. How was opening day of our last Father Son session? I think the pictures speak for themselves!!

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