Wonder & Magic

Every morning, like clockwork, they are there, waiting for me at the drink machine at 7:15. Mostly Spike Bucks, but a few others as well. When I fill the grab bag column, they try to guess what flavor is going to be first to come out if they put in a token right after I finish. They marvel at how many gatorades one machine can hold. They have serious discussions about which flavor is the best and what the best strategy is for getting an elusive Glacier Cherry flavor. They want to see where the tokens go when you put them in the  machine. This morning they asked what the candy bar was today at lunch. A lot of them chimed in and said they hoped it was Sour Patch Kids because those are THE BEST. Their minds were blown when that was, in fact, what today’s candy bar was. I love listening to them talk amongst themselves each morning. It represents the best of Deerhorn…that wonder and magic can be found in even the most mundane things.

Breakfast this morning was delicious breakfast quesadillas and lunch was burgers and steak fries. We had a couple of brief showers today but for the most part, the sun shone and it warmed into the low 80s.  Our Voyagers settled in to their last campsite this afternoon, with beautiful views out over the lake, and they are so glad to have sunshine and blue skies for their last day of the trip. They will get picked up tomorrow morning and will be back tomorrow by dinner. As for the rest of our C session campers, they are having fun in activities and working on those last few stars before the session ends on Wednesday.

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