The Boys are Back in Town

This morning after breakfast, we said goodbye to our 18 Spike Buck campers. From what we heard, they all had a blast and can’t believe the week is already over. We hope they all will join us again next summer, this time for longer!

Our schedule today and tomorrow is a little mixed up. We did a Sunday free time this morning but didn’t sleep in because our E session kids were leaving. Normally, we would have our big Sunday event in the afternoon, but since our Voyagers weren’t back yet, we’re moving that to tomorrow afternoon. So basically, today was a Sunday morning and a Monday afternoon, with regular Monday afternoon activities. It was an afternoon full of sunshine, Rave launches, trips down the slide, and goofy fun in activities!

And then, at 5:00, it was the most exciting part of the day! Our Voyagers arrived home…smelly and dirty, but smiling and brimming with stories of their adventures. They all headed straight to the showers before they were allowed in the dining hall for dinner! We are so very glad to have our boys back!

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